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When is it paid?


It is preferable to pay in cash on the day of the shoot. It is also possible to pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

You will then receive a receipt or an invoice.

I send vouchers free of charge after receipt of payment.



How do I choose my pictures?


After the shoot, you will receive your personal access data from me, which will lead to your online gallery. There you can see all the pictures. Here you choose the photos. These photos will then be edited by me. The number of images was specified in the respective packages beforehand. If you like more pictures than are included in the package, you can choose additional pictures for 10.00 euros per picture. After the photos have been edited by me, you will again receive a link to download the finished pictures. If you also want the pictures on a USB stick, you can book this for 10.00 euros.



How long does it take to finish the pictures?


The photo development takes some time. Your personal link will usually be put online within 1-2 weeks after the shoot. At events it takes a little longer due to the amount of pictures, here you should

Plan for 2-4 weeks.



How long does a shoot take?


Your shoot takes about 90 minutes.

Please be on time for your appointment.



Where does the shoot take place?


The shooting takes place outside, at your home or in my studio.

If you would like to be photographed at home, I will charge an additional 0.30 euros per kilometer driven.



What do i wear?


You should coordinate your clothes a bit. I prefer to recommend single-colored clothing. Not too colorful and not too bright. Wool sweaters and knitted dresses always work. Light clothes without a pattern, pastel and natural tones (olive green, wine red, ocher) always look very beautiful. Jeans look is always good. Whether shirt, jacket or pants!

Personal accessories such as hats or scarves are also great.

When and how will my photos be published?


Photos are only published with the written consent of the model. You can read more about this in the written agreement on site.

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